An upright piano

Piano specialist in Greater Manchester

Eric Sievers of EMS Piano offers piano tuning, servicing and restoration services.

With me, your piano will benefit from the wealth of experience I’ve gained servicing and restoring all types of pianos.

I work on real pianos, which sound as they do because, in part, they are made from carefully selected woods. Wood is a live material, which expands and contracts throughout its life, as it absorbs or gives up moisture. This usually silent process, involving water vapour and relative humidity, only becomes audible when your piano starts to sound out of tune. So when your piano sounds sour, call me to make it sound sweet again!

I offer all my customers a flexible and professional service. Please contact me, if you would like more information, a quotation, or to discuss how I can help with your piano.

Why you should choose me:

• Able to help you with a range of piano needs
• More than 40 years’ experience
• Member of the Pianoforte Tuners’ Association
• A flexible service
• If you live in Manchester, or surrounding areas such as Salford, Swinton, Sale and Stockport, this convenient service is ideal.

Some of my clients are as far away as Macclesfield and Chester so please contact me to discuss arrangements to meet your piano needs.

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